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"In my short time competing across the nation, I have had many major successes including winning PRS Rookie of the Year, Top 15 overall PRS season finishes every year, and many top finishes in national level precision rifle competitions. I attribute most of my success to a very structured training regimen tailored to my personal strengths and weaknesses.  Through Shepherd’s Edge, I want to take the same approach with each student to hone their personal shooting style to maximize their potential."

- Kevin Shepherd


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Training Programs

Cornerstones of Shepherd's Edge


  • The Introduction to Precision Rifle course is a two-day class geared toward the new shooter trying to get started as well as the intermediate shooter looking to rebuild the fundamentals required to proceed to the next level.  The major focus of this class is eliminating variables.  Variation and inconsistencies in gear, data, and the individual are the reasons shooters drop shots.  By eliminating as many variables as possible and limiting the remaining ones, you can begin to realize your maximum shooting potential.  This course will cover setup and tuning of your rifle system, manipulation and truing of your ballistic data, and building the fundamentals of prone and positional shooting.  Once a strong foundation has been built, a structured practice regimen is customized to each shooter to promote distinct, measurable growth.


  • Precise DOPE Development is a one day course focused around gaining trust in your DOPE and eliminating variability caused by data issues.  By the end of this course, each student will have data on their rifle out to 1200 yards, a proven system for documenting and tracking the performance of their rifle, an understanding of how environmental, mechanical, and human factors can cause slight variations in your data from day to day, and an understanding of the limitations of their system as a whole.  The day will begin with confirming zero at 100 yards, shooting groups to determine the consistency of the system, gathering velocity data, and documenting everything learned efficiently and effectively.  Then the class will transition to the main range and engage multiple targets from 300-1200 yards, as well as the mile target, with varying target sizes and distances.  While gathering DOPE on targets, Students will be tuning their ballistic profiles on the fly, as well as documenting their findings on paper to begin developing a robust history on their rifle/ammo combination.  Students from all skill levels will benefit from the relaxed environment and precise methods used for perfecting their rifle data. 


  • Advanced Positional Skills is a one day course devoted to getting off your belly.  The class will cover how to adapt for positional practice as well as how to attack an improvised position under match conditions. Students will leave the class with an understanding of multiple techniques for shooting improvised positions such as free recoiling versus driving the rifle.  Other curriculum that will be covered will consist of (but not limited to) breaking down an obstacle, developing a strategy for each shot, getting into and out of position quickly, building support where needed, and using your gear to your advantage.


Individual Training Opportunities also available upon request.

Upcoming Events

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November 18th and 19th

Charleston, SC

Typical Required Course Gear:

  • Rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy
  • Scope with exposed adjustable turrets and a graduated Mil or MOA reticle
  • Match grade ammo (no steel core/AP/green tip); suggestive quantity is 150 rounds per day
  • Adjustable bipod capable of being mounted to the front of rifle
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Adjustable sling, favorite support bag and shooting mat
  • Ballistic Calculator that can be manipulated with user inputs
  • Appropriate clothes for shooting all day.  (We will shoot rain or shine)
  • No jersey required...

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Completed Training Events

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Precise Dope Development

April 22nd

Charleston, SC

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Advanced Positional Skills

April 23rd

Charleston, SC

Advanced Positional Skills

May 6th

Hollywood Tactical Gun Club, FL

Introduction to Precision Rifle

The Intro to Precision Rifle course was held on March 4th and 5th in a unique location within 30 minutes of Charleston, SC with supportive natural obstacles, man-made props and targets ranging to one mile.  This class consisted of shooters with various skill and equipment levels that each developed the fundamentals to consistently hit a less than one MOA wide target at 1 mile with various short action cartridges by successfully completing the detailed curriculum that began at just 100 yards.  

    More Training Opportunities Coming Soon!


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